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Service Setup & Onboarding
How do we employ ProSolutions’ outsourcing services?

The process is as simple as filling up and submitting our contact form that provides us with necessary information such as the specific outsourcing service that you need. Once the form is received, ProSolutions will thoroughly assess it and will communicate with you to set up a meeting regarding the appropriate outsourcing plan for your specifications.

What comprises a ProSolutions recruitment plan?

To guarantee the proper agents are integrated into your company, we send out an introductory questionnaire. Our candidates undergo an informal yet thorough screening that includes verbal and written assessments of their personalities, attributes, and qualities. This ensures that the ideal candidates are chosen. Afterward, another batch of agents is interviewed and considered to guarantee a proper fit.

Quality Over Quantity
ProSolutions prioritizes precision and maximum reliability in forming a customer support team. We ensure to always consider the specific requirements of the company, job, and goals in the recruitment process. Passable performance is simply not good enough and for this reason, we take an additional week meticulously assessing and selecting the ideal candidates for your needs.

Employing the ideal high-quality outsourcing agents for your company can take about 2 to 4 weeks to accomplish. Once the best of the best are selected, they undergo thorough training for 2 to 4 weeks with our experts guiding them every step of the way. Training remains consistent and doesn’t just end after a number of weeks. Once the training period is done, our experts will continuously monitor and guide them while handling live tickets to guarantee optimized performance. With our core values integrated into their training sessions, our PROs are always growing with each passing day.

What are the steps taken to ensure the customer support agents provided for the company are of reliable quality?

ProSolutions prioritizes efficiency in their training which is why they incorporate a thorough 30-day course, information database, and learning management system. Versatility and optimized schooling are emphasized as the training system integrates both classroom and online learning methods. Our highly-experienced instructors aim to have our PROs at an adept level after two weeks so that the remaining days are spent ensuring they are proficient in managing tickets and reaching full KPIs. In life, learning is always a constant for individual growth and to adapt to the needs of the time. Our PROs are always provided with new challenges and materials even while they are already handling your account. This guarantees that you’re getting the best of the best outsourcing services that suit constantly evolving standards.

What are the necessary materials to guarantee high-quality outsourcing services?

For optimized efficiency, our PROs aim to be part of your establishment’s team. We make it a point to incorporate your company’s philosophies and methodologies during training. We ensure that all materials you provide to our PROs will be maximized for an improved output that fits the company’s standards. While carefully studying your company’s procedures and documentation, our team will notify you of any needed materials that would enhance and promote a consistently smooth training program.

What is your procedure for retraining PROs?

ProSolutions provides a representative that your business would communicate any potential changes to your product or services. To ensure the team is always kept up-to-date with the latest developments, our management system has an identical compilation of your business’ structure and procedures. For an efficient update, we make it a point to revise all preceding training materials which are responsible for generating procedures for your establishment.

Are there any hidden fees, account management fees or additional costs?

We guarantee no hidden fees, account management fees or additional costs of any form. ProSolutions offers simple flat-rate pricing which already include all fees. We believe in transparency and ensuring our customers have zero doubts when partnering with us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our pricing.

Quality Control
How does ProSolutions ensure efficient quality control in dealing with customer support tickets?

ProSolutions isn’t limited to a single strategy. Proven procedures and advanced technology are integrated to ensure efficiency in monitoring and measuring performance. Dashboards and trackers are incorporated to guarantee that QAs and supervisors are always kept up-to-date. We emphasize thoroughness in our tasks through designated QAs who perform quality assessments on tickets and calls while informing supervisors of potential solutions for better efficiency.

How does ProSolutions ensure quality assurance and training plans operate simultaneously?

Your company will be handled by a reliable QA team who are responsible for pulling tickets for each agent each week. With this team at work, you can rest assured that better coaching opportunities are provided for your business.

For the whole training duration, the training team will reliably guide your agents so that performance is consistently excellent and key KPIs are successfully hit.

We also employed a QA specialist to work alongside our in-house QA team to guarantee the ideal outputs are generated.

Furthermore, we have designated account managers to manage your account, emphasizing client satisfaction by effectively meeting set quality standards.

How is the quality control process advocated?

An outstanding customer experience is ensured by achieving exact KPIs and optimum transparency in the QA procedure.

Where is ProSolutions based?

ProSolutions head office is located in Toronto, Canada. Our outsourcing office is located in the Philippines.

Why did ProSolutions launch an outsourcing office in the Philippines?

The Philippines is renowned for being a warm and accommodating nation that is proficient in the English language. As one of the largest English-speaking nations globally, the Philippines offers a vast pool of talented English-speaking professionals in virtually every field.

Do PROs operate in an office or remotely?

Our PROs are adaptable to any work environment. Our PROs aim to accommodate the client’s preferences, ensuring productivity in the office or remotely. A remote setup is highly recommended as it provides us with the opportunity to improve upon the talent pool and effectively meet your organization's immediate needs.

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