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Developed as an omni-channel strategy for customer experience and back office assistance, ProSolutions is renowned for enhancing evolving e-commerce and technology companies. With time, we progressed as a reliable business that offers outsourcing solutions for just about any kind of business. We pride ourselves on providing essential services that ensure the reliability and performance of e-commerce websites, mobile and web applications, and platform-based companies. Whatever the industry, our team guarantees excellence in operating behind the scenes for the optimization of your brand.

Our Story

ProSolutions integrates cutting-edge technology and promotes creative growth to elevate the status quo and fulfill its vision of engineering a better outsourcing structure. Since beginning our journey in 2014, Pro Solutions has been vital in improving fast-growing tech companies. Progress is a guarantee as we offer continuous outsourced productivity, reliable customer assistance, and excellent community organization.

Our headquarters are in Toronto, Canada and our BPO office is in the Philippines. At ProSolutions, our team doesn’t just aim to meet the standards for business process outsourcing. We make it our goal to exceed standards, promote advancement, and change the way outsourcing is done.

Our Values

We are committed to delivering world-class customer experiences.

From recruiting, to training, to implementing processes, we are committed to delivering the best service.


We are a hybrid company with both office-based and remote work.

Our hybrid setup enables us to broaden our talent pool and attract the absolute best recruits for you.


We help to improve, streamline and modernize processes.

With our expertise, we help you identify opportunities for efficiency gains and implement process improvements.

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