Enhance Your Setup By Outsourcing Essential Tasks Such As Data Entry, Digitization, And Image Editing

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Several small yet essential back-office support jobs play a pivotal role in developing your business. These include tasks like data entry and photo editing. These are typically mundane and tedious tasks but they should never be ignored as their completion is fundamental for a smooth operation.

By outsourcing those regular back-office support tasks, your employees can focus more on doing the tasks they specialize in. This ensures that core capabilities are given ample attention for smooth business development. No longer will your team have to worry or spend valuable time doing tedious tasks with our PROs on the job.

ProSolutions Covers All Back-Office Tasks

With our PROs handling fundamental back-office support tasks, your organization is presented with more time and less worry. At PRO Solutions, we place huge importance on ensuring the optimized efficiency of your business. We offer different means to assist your business development. Here are just some of the common back-office tasks that we can reliably accomplish:

Data Mining
Our PROs work with critical data for your establishment’s operations.

• Obtain data-driven insights for various categories like customers and products
• Guarantee precise, reliable, and high-quality reports, metrics, and studies
Image Editing
Professional quality photo editing and enhancement.

• Guarantee PROs with a suitable level of expertise to accommodate your specific budget and goals
• Guarantee excellent photo editing quality to mirror your brand’s personality and style
Data Entry
Smooth data transmission, precise digitization, and organized database operations.

• Proper management and safe transfer of essential business data
• Reach project timelines efficiently

Reliable Back-Office Support For Different Applications

The following are some of the essential back-office support we offer to clients:

✔ Drivers' ID's Verifications To Accommodate The Requirements Of Ride-Sharing Services
✔ Assessment Of Profile Pictures For Social Media Apps
✔ High-Quality Photo Editing For A Developing Travel Business
✔ Produce Necessary Labels On Product Photos For E-Commerce Setups
✔ Ensure Abuse Reports In Messaging Apps Are Resolved

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One of the most important goals of customer support is to respond to a customer inquiry with speed. Enabling customers to chat with your brand directly can lead to faster resolutions therefore reducing churn and increasing loyalty over time.

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In app support is perfect for enterprises who seek to achieve high customer retention. If a customer logs in and then has any questions or needs help with your app, they can simply tap on the "Contact Us" button within the app, input what's wrong and have all their questions answered without leaving the app.

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Email is versatile for offering customized support to customers. A timely, thoughtful reply from outsourced customer service Ninjas can help your customers get the most out of their purchase.

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There will always be customers who feel their inquiries can only be answered via phone. With outsourced customer service, your brand is just a phone call away to help with everything from simple password resets to complex technical troubleshooting.

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Social Media

Your customers are spending their time on social media, so why shouldn't they get support from you there too? Our Ninjas provide a simple way to give your clients the actionable support and information that is sure to make them happy.

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Some of our clients

Arise Health logoThe Paak logoOE logo2020INC logoEphicient logo
They have been vital in helping our company grow efficiently. In our first year working with them, their team has taken on a significant number of tasks across various departments and are now in integral part of achieving our business goals. Their staff has meshed seamlessly with our local teams and company culture.
Talha Dadabhoy
Director of Operations, Healthy Planet
The outsourcing process was simple and stress-free. We were always hesitant to outsource because of the risks but the ProSolutions process eliminated those concerns. Their team was very supportive and took the time to understand our specific business needs and tailor their solution for us to maximize results.
Arian Ebrahimi
President, Kase Insurance
Working with ProSolutions has transformed our business and allowed us to grow faster than we could have ever imagined. Their customer service PROs helped meet the needs of our growing client base that we couldn’t handle internally.
Keith Perera
CEO, ZooPrint
They found the exact right people to fit our needs. Very smooth process to get started and the performance of our Pros has been phenomenal. Far better than expected. You can tell they really care about the success of their Pros. Quality work, great communication and excellent results. Definitely recommend for outsourcing needs.
Justin Ty
Product Data Manager, Automotive Stuff
Outsourcing with ProSolutions has been transformational for our business. Our outsourced resources are managing all aspects of our customer service and support - phone, email, chat, social. We are seeing dramatic improvements across the board, most importantly with our customer happiness KPIs.
Vijay Naganathan
Customer Service Manager, TDot Performance

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